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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Scavenger Hunt 2016 : Part 3

Scavenger Hunt 2016 and I'm on a roll.

First up #03 A Skeleton, Bone or X-ray.

Last night's dinner of lamb chops! YUM!

Then a couple of my son's skeleton's;

a wooden T-rex and

a glow in the dark one,

although I thought it best NOT to look in the closet/cupboard - LOL.

#04 A Book Magazine Read During 2016.

I'm doing the mammoth, read The Bible in a year again, so thought that this would count.

I've reached near the end of 2 Chronicles in the Old Testament and near the end of John in the New.

#05 A Porch or Deck

Our Front Porch - sorted.

#12 A Window

Took these two at church today.

#13 The Moon

Well would you know whilst watching, "12 Years a Slave" last night on the TV what should appear but a lovely moon so I took a photo of it.

#17 Twins

Again at church today, got the permission of my friend to take a picture of her 14yr old boy twins.

Yep on a roll.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Goodness, not one but three examples of some of these. You are simply AMAZING in the way you interpret these prompts. Keep it up, because I am learning from you. For example, I have a skeleton I hang out for Halloween that I can use, but never considered it until I saw yours. Visiting the Queen must have sparked something special in you, because you really ARE on a roll.

Kristin said...

How fun!! You had me at that blue door ;)
Thank you for asking about The Summer of Color, it was such a fun event. I did end it with last year - the 5th - being the last. Thank you for always being there!! xoxo

Maggie said...

Plenty of bones! You have a lovely porch.