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Hi, Welcome to my Blog. I'm a lapsed crafter of late but still managing my diary Scrapbooking, plus cards as required. Previously I've also dabbled in ATCs, Tags, Altered Books, Art Journaling, Décopatch, Knitting, Crochet, and Embroidery amongst other things. I live in Surrey, UK with my husband and son. For exercise I usually play Badminton and go Ballroom and Latin Dancing, not really got back to the latter since the pandemic. I like walking which I couple with Geocaching and sometimes Bouncing on my Rebounder (mini trampoline). I am a Christian.

Wednesday 6 December 2023

WOYWW #757 - Advent is here...

December dawned then Advent hit and lots of crafty goodness abounds so the scrapping Gauntlet of last week unfortunately dropped - Oops. 

My crafty stuff has taken root under my desk now, oh my...

Over at Devotion in Action I finished off the last weekly series with the bonus on "being prepared".

I have started the "daily" Advent "Gnome for the Holy Days" series. So lots of "daily" painting....

I'm a bit addicted to "reels" on Facebook but I did get this idea for hand painted Christmas trees from there.

I decorated the main tree and hurt my back on Monday so the rest of the decorations are still in their boxes!

Fortunately I can sit at my craft desk relatively pain free (must be my office chair which suits me) so I have just finished my 5th tag for the "12 Tags of Christmas" by Etched by Faith over on their Facebook Group. (below).

I did my December page by Bible Journaling Ministries which finished off my Journal which I started back in 2014 no less. (red page above)

And the last couple of pages in my envelope journal (blue page above and right).

Happy WOYWW Everyone.

Wednesday 29 November 2023

WOYWW #756 - Gauntlet Thrown Down!

Thanks for the comments on my scrapbooking last week.

Neet certainly hit the nail on the head as my scrapbooking is indeed a diary of day to day events in our lives. Just a little bit more that just putting photos in albums, which is what I have done since I was about 17yrs. I have 18 pre-scrapbooking era albums and I'm on my 18th scrapbook.

Cindy then laid down the gauntlet saying I should get to mid-Summer by Christmas. As I have photos printed to the end of July this is indeed a possibility. I've nearly got May 2023 in the bag...(last pages on desk)

The Bluebell Trail was at the end of April 2023, revisiting the woods we found on my birthday back in February.

May started with a First To Find (FTF) cache in my local Asda, right where I usually park too! My son and his mates in London and the King's Coronation. 

Followed by more caching and my husband visiting his sister "up north"
The FABULOUS page scraps from the banners lead to a Christmas tree card and I made a 2nd whilst I was at it (Son and Husband sorted). I also made my son's Birthday card, using watercolour.

Definitely having a turquoise moment.

I did weeks 47 & 48 for my #scripture52 challenge - just 4 weeks to go now to finish the year.

Week 4 of the Bible Journaling series on Being Prepared. 

1 Peter 1:13

Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.

 (expecting a bonus page today or tomorrow)

Advent starts on Sunday 3rd December so we'll be getting the tree on Saturday. Last year was the earliest Advent start (27th Nov and this year the latest).

I don't seem to have all the busyness everyone talks about, just having son home this year but everything else is as usual really.

Happy WOYWW Everyone.

Wednesday 22 November 2023

WOYWW #755 - Scrapping, cards and more...

Yep, pushing myself to get some scrapping done, just finished up to April 2023 - yay.

I've stuck this since taking the photo, well I needed to, so I could get to the PC keyboard to type my post - LOL. 

So we have the last bits of February, Valentine's Dance and 25th Anniversary. The snow early March and my son's surprise visit for Mother's Day in mid-March.

We finally got SMART mid-April, plus a bit of geocaching, garage electrics and Easter.

I did a hidden page for the actual old/new meters and the "story" behind us getting them etc. bit boring photowise but all part of life.

The end of April and I did a "Potbound" craft retreat whilst hubby met up with an old pal and went to a photo exhibition in London.

I made a few of my craft challenge index cards into cards.
The spare (not quite cut properly) rose was made into a card too. I used backing paper I'd painted myself too.

Scripture52 is at week 46, not long to go to finish it now.

And finally my Bible watercolour for this week is a pair of lungs with Sunflowers. Signifying the breath of God/Holy Spirit within us.

Happy WOYWW Everyone.

Wednesday 15 November 2023

WOYWW #754 - Scrapping and more..

Here's my desk mid-scrapping, just need to stick my "Surprise" page down.

I did the Valentine Dance page the other day.

Also last years birthday page earlier in the week.

Somewhat out of date as I am heading for 60yrs fast - next February!!!

Yesterday I also made some sympathy cards. A friend asked me to make her a couple and I made a spare one for me too.

Sunday was a crafty bonanza of a day as I did some challenges. I won one too.

Index card, Watercolour, Abstract, Printables & Collage.

I have just learnt how to do photos collage so here's my #scripture52 card, collaged.

Plus we did "I am the door..." at church and I was asked to produce a life size door for everyone to stick post-it notes on. We got to decorate little fairy doors and make a door hanger too.

Last but not least my Bible Journaling for this week on Psalm 95, giving thanks to God for he is good.

Think that is me done. Sorry if I didn't make it around last week, we were buying, building a new bed for the "spare" room, then disposing of the old one at the dump.... Son will be pleased/surprised when he's home for Christmas, about time too.

It's my food shopping week (hubby and I take it in turns) so hopefully I'll be around later.

Happy WOYWW Everyone.

Wednesday 8 November 2023

WOYWW #753 - Gratitude Month

Lots of Gratitude topics this month.

My monthly journal page, #scripture52 card and a 7 day gratitude journal.

Loving the colour combo, so did a page in the envelope journal I made at the conference.

Also did the bonus Bible Journaling page from the 10 day challenge.

Plus the first one from the new November series on being prepared.

Think that is about it for the week for me.

Happy WOYWW Everyone.


Wednesday 1 November 2023

WOYWW #752 - Lots Going On

Oh my word, there seems to be lots going on at the moment. Here's a treat with my desk on the go with yesterday's water colouring...

This is day 10 of Bible Journaling (water colouring) Challenge plus there is a bonus day today. 

The ten pages can be found on my previous post, I'll add the bonus when I have done it later...

I'm still going on my #scripture52 year long challenge. Got into a right pickle with this one as I had the tag fixed the other way initially and it fell open when hanging from the ring so I had to change it.

I keep seeing Helen's posts using collage tissue and I keep saying I'll make some more and at last here are my efforts.

Had my stamps out for my scrapbook page below, I'm not a stamper really.

And spurred on by our wonderful host, Julia, I did a couple of scrapbook pages.

I stamped the bricks and dropped the stamp on the photo! Doh! Honestly can you see the Queen's head in the sky space between the rooves? It jumped out at me hence the stamps embellishments.

I'm starting a 7 day Gratitude challenge tomorrow, and I also have my monthly Journal page for November to do too. But now I must go shopping and collect my prescription... Laters everyone or probably tomorrow got son visiting again this weekend too. Whoop Whoop.

Happy WOYWW Everyone.

10 Day Bible Journaling Challenge

 After the Bible Journaling Conference Amanda at Devotion in Action does a follow up challenge of 10 days plus a bonus day so here are my entries.

Day 1 - Hope of Salvation

1 Thessalonians 5:8-10

Good job I have the new mini NT Bible as a lot of pages are taken in my other Bible,

Day 2 - Trust in God

Isaiah 26:3-4,7-8

Obviously any OT references had to be done in my bigger original Journaling Bible.

Day 3 - Our Inheritance

1 Peter 1:3-9

Pretty poignant for my life situation.

Day 4 - Set the Mind

Romans 8:6

Think this is my favourite painting, probably due to the bright colours and the splatters of metallic gold which went everywhere not just on my Bible.

Day 5 - Springs of Life

Proverbs 4:20-27

Did a similar water page back in March this year.

Day 6 - Replace Worry

Philippians 4:6-7

Drive your worries to God and leave them at His feet and have His Peace. Love this little car.

Day 7 - God is at Work

Romans 8:28

Eeek, this needed the same page as Day 4 (the brain above) and I didn't wish to add to that page so had to go with adding to my big Bible right over the words. Kept the paint fairly faint so the words are still visible though.

Day 8 - Walk in Wisdom

Proverbs 28:26

Love Amanda's simple yet striking pictures.

Day 9 - Bury the Old Nature

Colossians 3:2-5

Another bold picture. I readjusted the globe to include the UK rather than just the Americas.

Day 10 - Coffee and Jesus 

Ephesians 4:20-24

Hot Chocolate in my case and I painted the design from my raspberry cane cup too.

Bonus - Intentional Imitation

3 John 1:11

(will add this when I've done it...)

Wednesday 25 October 2023

WOYWW #751 - Surprised!

Gosh, hadn't realised I'd done so much crafting until I had a look at my photos for the last week. 

Got a bit sick of retrieving my box of collage bits and pieces from the floor so my Cuttlebug has moved!

So on the desk are:-

1) One new page in my envelope prayer journal, prayers for Peace, personal peace, that peace of mind despite all the chaos around us peace. Sigh!

2) Two scripture52 cards for week 41 & 42 as I got behind somewhat post conference.

3) Three days worth of the 10-day Bible Journaling challenge, post conference on the Helmet of Salvation.

Day 3's scroll reminding us that our inheritance is waiting for us in heaven, yay happy dance!

Plus not on my desk are the sewing projects I finally got around to.

a) replacing my net curtain which was quite literally in shreds!!! 

b) reducing a quilt cover from king size to single for spare bed, I did it inside out as it was well faded on the right side. It's just a plain navy with check pattern in the weave so all good.

Oh and an anniversary card for my friend.

Happy WOYWW everyone.