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Hi, Welcome to my Blog. I'm an avid crafter; Scrapbooking, Cards, ATCs, Tags, Altered Books, Art Journaling, Décopatch, Knitting, Crochet, and Embroidery amongst other things. I live in Surrey, UK with my husband and son. For exercise I play badminton and I have been Geocaching since 2009 and now and again Pokémon Go. I go to Ballroom and Latin Dancing too. I run a UK based on-line papercraft group.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

WOYWW #403 - The Presents

Early morning desk, so no point even opening the curtains yet!  

Thought you might like to see my wings though, they were a late found Christmas decoration last year which I couldn't bear to put away!

On my desk is my journal and the next set of photos for scrapping.

Anyway, amongst my presents for my birthday last week I got some new dies.

A couple of Tim Holtz thinlets sets which I saw on some desks a few weeks ago plus a set from a friend. 

I had an initial play then I did the journal page using the months dies.

The dies cut like a dream and are already finding their way onto my scrapbook pages.

I added "july" to last weeks last page and "august" to its facing page which I did this week.

I did a couple more pages which were quite hard as it was from my son's visit to see his girlfriend last Summer but they broke up last month! 

I made it matter of fact as it showed him on his first real train journey on his own which in itself was special. 

So that's me for the week, onward and upward with the scrapping, only 6 months behind now...

Happy WOYWW Everyone.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

WOYWW #402 - Happy Birthday ME!

Gosh 53yrs - really????   Yep born in 1964 so it must be!!

The desk shows the latest scrapbook page I am working on, my journal and other Love card.

Got a bit of "LOVE" inspiration from our host's desk a while back although neither of us can find the original post - blog or facebook???? Anyway Julia assures me it was her original creation which launched my crafting.

Firstly I made a SWAP card on the theme of LOVE, plus a spare.

I then changed up the colours, but had lots of paint left on my board so spread it on my journal.

The journal page just grew and grew and I added my favourite Tennyson quote.

"O love, O fire! Once he drew
With one long kiss, my whole soul through
My lips as sunlight drinketh dew."

I then adapted and blinged up the spare for a friend's Valentine Birthday.

Then changed the items for twin boys 15th birthday cards. (today too!!)

Thanks for the inspiration Julia.

Oh and the other scrapbook pages I have done this past week.....

Happy WOYWW Everyone

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

WOYWW #401 - Got the Love

Morning deskers, left my desk in a mess yesterday just so I could take this shot today.

Been preparing a "few" hearts for a threading activity in preschool tomorrow.

32 heart diecuts, thank you Mr Cuttlebug with 12 holes each, that's a whole lot of holes 384 in all. Horrah for Mr Crop-O-Dile II.

Last Saturday I managed to get out to a craft sale and got a few bargains.

Great to get a new scrapbook album for a fiver as I'm going to need it.

I got some more refills for my 8x8 family album and when I came to add them found I was a bit behind with my scrapping in there!

Hence the page for the Christmas BEFORE last and last years only family photo.

I then had a eureka moment and placed one of the refills at the beginning of the album and did a wedding page (album had started with our son's birth) The backing page has some photos of my pregnancy (not a fun time).
Whilst we are on the reproductive system topic. I'm back in Norethisterone to stop the "Never Ending Period" which seems my lot for this preimenopausal stage at the moment. I've been dealing with that as well as the cold virus which is still lingering.... However I'm feeling a lot better in myself and can go out now (without the flooding) and actually played badminton last night as a result.

Happy WOYWW Everyone.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

WOYWW #400 - History Repeating Itself

This exact time last year I got flu after having had a cough for a number of weeks, and so it is again!

Not sure if it is flu this year or just a nasty sore throat, aches and sore skin type of virus but I'm off work feeling yuk!

So on my desk is just an empty tissue box, indicative of my condition.
Photo taken from my sick bed!

I did do a couple of basic scrapbook pages over the weekend.

A university visit with my son and our road being resurfaced plus our postman!

Also an impromptu birthday card for one of my husband's friends who had a party which is where I probably got this virus as his wife was ill with something!!! Ho Hum

Happy WOYWW Everyone.