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Hi, Welcome to my Blog. I'm an avid crafter; Scrapbooking, Cards, ATCs, Tags, Altered Books, Art Journaling, Décopatch, Knitting, Crochet, and Embroidery amongst other things. I live in Surrey, UK with my husband and son. For exercise I play badminton and I have been Geocaching since 2009 and now and again Pokémon Go. I go to Ballroom and Latin Dancing too. I run a UK based on-line papercraft group.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

WOYWW #421 - Sewing

Yes a change today as I have my trusty sewing machine out.

When my husband's shirt collars are worn, I remove the top half to make Grandad Collars. 

Anyway one of my husband's colleagues liked the way this looks, and as they don't need to wear ties all the time, he has requested I do the same with one of his shirts. It's not worn but the points curl and it's his favourite shirt.

The other item which needs attention is the grip on my spare badminton racquet. Over time they deteriorate and you get "black hand" syndrome as the grip comes off on your hand. This has happened to a few people at the group I am facilitating then I realised my spare racquet was in the same state too.

I did a couple of LOs this week too.
My Son's 18th birthday and Christmas.

Please can someone tell my body it has got 10-15 degrees cooler as I am still HOT HOT HOT.

Happy WOYWW Everyone.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

WOYWW #420 - Too Hot to Craft

Yep too hot here in the UK to craft!

Unless you count painting my toe nails! Nail polish is on desk at least!

I even cheated a bit with the two cards I needed to make as one was a previously made twinchie used as a topper and the other was made before but I just added the lettering.

I did get my Bifocal Glasses and that all seems to be going OK.

I am doing a daily diary on my Facebook page like I did with the Varifocals. It's much more positive.

I'm the new advocate for grey hair and bifocals.

I took this photo last Sunday in the Garden of Remembrance where I go to remember my Dad's passing (19 years ago) which just happened to fall on Father's Day this year. Glad I'd had the dedication as well this year, time holding a baby soothes the saddest heart.

Happy WOYWW Everyone.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

My Dad - Father's Day

This year Father's Day will be particularly difficult for me as it coincides with the day my Dad died, back in 1998.

On top of that my friend is having her son dedicated too.

The pain eases but it never goes away.
The memories are sweet though, so a couple of photos:-

Back in the day - holding my pushchair I do believe.

On the farm with his trusty tractor behind him.

Love you DAD.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

WOYWW#419 - More ATCs, Scrapping and Cards

Not much on my desk this morning except my BP petrol receipt from last night, as I was supposed to get double Nectar points with the voucher but it didn't work???

Might look into that today.

I received my last few ATCs so now have a lovely set which I have put on my fireplace tiles.

I'm back to my usual style of scrapping and have done some more pages from last December.

I made a black and white card for a friend's birthday and a second spare one with bits left over from the first.

Exam season (A-levels) here so things are a little unusual, 2 down and 6 to go for my son.

Happy WOYWW Everyone.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

WOYWW #418 - Not a Paint Person.

So to my desk, not much happening other than the next set of photos to scrap.

So popped my ATCs on it for all to see.

I received another 3 after last week's posting and have sent another 4 since.

As for last week's paint pending, I guess paint to me is like stamping - not my thing.

Whereas pretty papers, coloured card and diecutting IS my thing.

So what did I do with the painted background?

Well I cut it up and and diecut it - LOL.

Happy WOYWW Everyone