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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

WOYWW #392 - Gold Dust

I thought the top thing on my Bucket List wouldn't be possible, as it's something you just cannot buy.

My friend said I could be her birthing partner (aswell as her husband) but we still didn't think it would happen as I live a bit away from her and lots of other factors....

Well last Thursday the phone call came. She hadn't left for the hospital yet but I jumped into action, ate hurriedly took some paracetamol for a headache and cut my thumb quite badly on the silver packaging!!! Taped that up and flew out the door.

It was dark and rush hour and I wasn't that sure where the hospital was!!! There were roadworks and long queues, but I made it.

They were still in the triage cubical but the contractions were coming thick and fast. I did back massage and made them both laugh which eased the tension.

It was the most serene time ever amidst all the pain and gas & air (fairy juice!). She did it - a baby boy on 1st December and I got to cut the cord as well. Well that's my Christmas present all sorted.

As for my desk - well Christmas crafting has gone out of the window. I bought some basic cards with the intention of adding some sparkle. What a time for your gold Stickles to run out.

Well actually not run out but refuse to come out of the pot as they were just left around the sides.

First I took the nozzle off and got as much out of there as possible and used an embossing tool to sparkle my stars, but I still couldn't reach the sides!

Second I cut the bottom off to get the rest out. I sparkled 30 cards and still have a good deal left which I put in a little container (hope it keeps OK in there).

So there we have it
Gold Dust of an experience I am still on a high from and
Gold Dust in the form of Stickles.

Happy WOYWW Everyone.