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Hi, Welcome to my Blog. I'm a lapsed crafter of late but just back into Scrapbooking, I make cards as required, and I've also dabbled in ATCs, Tags, Altered Books, Art Journaling, Décopatch, Knitting, Crochet, and Embroidery amongst other things. I live in Surrey, UK with my husband and son. For exercise I usually play badminton and I have been Geocaching since 2009. I love dancing but have had to forego my Ballroom and Latin due to a shoulder issue since July 2019. I got a rebounder last year so during this coronavirus situation it makes for great exercise, bouncing!

Friday, 29 September 2017

Summer Photo Hunt 2017

Only came across this list last week so have been trawling my Summer photos to find appropriate ones. I've actually taken some since (*) and had to resort to the TV for the last few (#)!

1. Something Fuzzy* - my Owl screen cleaner.

2. Bubbles* - my kitchen sink.

3 A Web - on a local village carved tree.

4. A zig zag* - oh a reason to take a photo of my ribbons. (ric-rac).

5 A seasonal relaxing space/item.

6. A Pipe* - Lots of pipes in halls.

7. The inside of something * - My Oven.

8. Rust or something derelict - a bit of both really.

9. A kite or balloon * - in my local Asda.

10. Something Yellow - Welsh Poppies.

11. A toy only found out during June to September* - Classic bucket and spade.

12. A wedding# - spotted on TV.

13. A dome# - Church of the Holy Sepulchre - Jerusalem.

14. Someone Fishing# - Must be someone on there somewhere!

15. Something crafted from Wood* - had just been added to our local Narnia Trail.

16. A baby (animal or human) # baby Rhino and his mum.

17. Circles or crosses on architecture - local church with cross.

18. A fan* - my life saver at night - still

19. Feet of man or beast - I wonder whose?

20. Something found underground* - roots are usually found underground aren't they?

21. A Plaque.
22. A Dial - sundial.

23. Something powered by wind - turbines in the distance!

24. Seasonal Food or Drink -yum

25. A hat - Geocaching Pirate Challenge Meet-Up.

Gosh it has taken HOURS to write this post with all these photos. Blogger really isn't very helpful with photo placement as the part where you write isn't the same as the actual page and then it does its own thing much of the time.

All done now though, hope there are one or two which grab your eye.


Wednesday, 27 September 2017

WOYWW #434 - Empty Nester

Well it's not that bad after all. Think I prepared myself over the past 3 months with my son at home constantly. In fact we had both got to the point that we needed the break. Also I feel strongly that I am being held up in prayer and God is by my side.

Desk is a bit sparse still. Not had the time to get into crafting yet but did decorate my Bible Study notebook, and got some refill pages for my scrapbooks too.

Other than that there is the stock reply letter from my MP concerning the university fees hike.

A Duke of Edinburgh report I need to do for one of the lads at badminton.

My Chronological, read the Bible in a Year list.

Oh and my journal open to do a Empty Nester Page but I'm awaiting inspiration. If any of you could prompt me or send pictures or quotes that might do the trick.

Missed you all last week.
Happy WOYWW Everyone.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Get Your Sparkle On!

My family quiver when I say I'm going to a shoe shop.
Not that I'd come home with "more" shoes but rather, will I even be able to actually get any to fit me.

I have rather small but exceptionally wide feet, so shoe shopping can be quite depressing.

Worse still I was aiming to get dancing shoes for Ballroom and Latin! I went to a new shop for me, Fame of Surrey in Redhill.

Unbeknown to me my husband bought be some flowers just in case I came home depressed at having tried every shoe on in the shop but not finding any to fit!

I did try a lot of shoes on and most didn't fit at all but there was one pair with an adjustable front section and they fitted. OK so they are sparkly silver but I don't get to choose the shoe it has to choose/fit me first.

So doubly blessed, Shoes AND Flowers.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

WOYWW #432 - Eleven More Sleeps

Yep just eleven more sleeps until my son goes to university!

Hoping the crafting will start up again then amid the tears!!

Meanwhile, sitting on my desk, I have the book for my new Ladies Bible study which starts on Friday.

Out on the landing are ever growing piles of stuff for my son.

Still waiting for the ultrasound for my foot but managed badminton last night all the same.

Still wearing vest tops and sleeping with the window open, these hormones may save on heating this year!

Happy WOYWW Everyone.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

WOYWW #431 - Seahorse and Snowflakes

Too much Badminton and Ballroom Dancing has made my left foot sore! Had it X-Rayed yesterday and waiting on an Ultrasound Scan now. I have been resting it as much as possible so what better excuse to do some crafting over the weekend.

The last of my new diecuts have been languishing on my desk for a few weeks now so I pushed myself to journal with them. I had wanted a seahorse for some time and the snowflakes are the "remains" from the snowflake frame which came in my goodie bag - hence the unusual combination!

Love the quote I found, it is by Van Morrison from "Into The Mystic" 1970.

Smell the sea and feel the sky
Let your soul and spirit fly.

You never know I might make a Christmas card with the frame itself! Stranger things have happened.

Added "Birthday" to a card for my Godson too, wonders will never cease.
Happy WOYWW Everyone