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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

WOYWW #364 - 7th Anniversary

Yay I made it to the WOYWW 7th anniversary, which makes it 10 weeks in a row for me after a long absence.

I have even made a couple of ATCs, one to SWAP and one to keep.

I was inspired by a twinchie I made a few years ago.

As for my desk, not so good - been having a problem with the wall so had to remove some stuff and it hasn't made its way back yet.

I did finish the scrapbook page in the week though, after as shopping trip where I bought some new clothes and some of the mini dies just like our Julia had on her desk a few weeks back.

I used the triangles from the bunting die and the ribbons from the t-shirts to complete my page.

A few people asked about my harp last week. Yes I am still playing and even treated myself to a bigger harp last year. I'm still only at grade 1 or 2 level and finding reading music really hard but plodding along.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

WOYWW #363 - Not Another Magazine Freebie!

Here's my desk in all its glory this week for WOYWW. I didn't move a thing, just held my breath and took the photo!
So yes another magazine, I think I go by the mantra, "If it's got a freebie die I'm a gonna!"

I had a bit of trouble with the first cut of this intricate die. Don't think it liked the pink pearl textured card as I had to dig it out in bits! Tried again with some plain white thick card and managed that OK, although I did douse the die in talc beforehand!

Also on my desk is my next scrappage pending. Some various photos of me and my harp, some flowers for Valentines and my first pot of daffs of the Spring.

I did do my Christmas scrappage during the week too and a SWAP card for the Paris in Springtime theme.


Oh and the sunflower has grown so much I had to repot it,  plus I planted a few more seeds as only one of the seedlings from the last CD case planting survived. Grass head is going manic and there'll be cress for sandwiches soon.

Happy WOYWW everyone.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

WOYWW #362 - Birthday Wheels

Determined NOT to set foot on the WOYWW page until I STUCK my Wheels scrapbook page, which has been pending on my desk for a number of weeks, I have at last finished it - Horrah!

Also on my desk today are a couple of preschool items.

First the dressing up dress I have mended ( I replaced the tangled, tatty pink fur trim for the pastel daisy chain)

Second, the story of Simon Shape.

Also the latest on my kitchen window sill garden.

The first sunflower has grown loads in the week despite a visit to preschool for their Open Day last Saturday.

At the Open Day I did cress heads with the children and this is my new addition.

My grass head has finally go going and might need a trim soon.

Also, there are two more sunflowers emerging in the CD case which need planting on.

Happy WOYWW everyone.

PS I did a rainbow ice block for preschool last week too. It went down well so I am in the process of creating another one.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Rainbow Ice

I made a Rainbow Ice Block for the children at preschool to investigate.

I froze coloured objects in layers in a plastic bottle over a couple of days.

The children used pipettes and warm water to get the things out of the ice.

The objects were then placed in pots according to their colour.

Just the right activity for a warm day.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

WOYWW #361 - Bluebell Bunny

The sad sorry fact is no crafting yet again this week. So not the height of activity for this week's WOYWW.

My scrapbook layout lies there still unstuck.

There is a bunny for a 3rd birthday present. Couldn't resist it at the garden centre yesterday. What with all the bluebells about at present.

I made the card a while back in WOYWW #356.
Just need to wrap it and post them by Friday....

I got these plants for the preschool garden.

And as for the Sunflower, it goes from strength to strength, I blogged part 3 yesterday.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Sunflower CD - Part 3

Two weeks and my sunflower was getting too big for the CD case so I set it free.

It is doing oh so well in its new plastic cup!
It was the height of the stick when it went in and is growing every day.

I also planted 2 more seeds in the CD case.
One pointing up and one pointing down just to see how that differs.
They also germinated in two days.

Then I spotted the first sproutings of the grass in my grass head.
That has taken 2 weeks to germinate.

Onwards and upwards (literally!)
Part 1  and Part 2