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Friday, 2 February 2018


Yes it is Candlemas and time to take the tree down. It has done well having been up since 1st December, although I knew as soon as I touched it the needles would fall today.

So here is a before and after of the conservatory.

And the various stages of dismantling.

All the decorations neatly sorted ready for boxing.

The tree naked and lots of needle drop!

The tree outside, then with its branches removed and ready for the the stick pile at the end of the garden.


Hope hedgehog is hibernating there, added another layer of warmth for him/her.

Trimmed one of the ferns back too to give the snowdrops some light.

Lots more to tidy in the garden but I made a good start today.

And I went dancing this evening too, first time since before Christmas. I'm shattered.


Crafty Little Miss K said...

Aww, but of a shame when the tree comes down, whether it's 12th Night like in my house or Candlemas in yours. I always love seeing glimpses of your garden 😊
Karen xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You are the second person today to write about Candlemas. I'd never heard of it, even though I'm a British descendant. My trees were boxed and back to my basement the day after Christmas. I was SO ready to be over Christmas. I DID enjoy seeing the photos of the tree and of course, your beautiful yard. I've been telling all my European friends I've never seen snowdrops, except in photos. I don't think we have them here. They are beautiful, and I simply adore yours, as well as your yard.