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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Misspent Childhood

Gosh it seems that I had a misspent childhood as I never did either of these.

I didn't even do them with my own child!

Better late than never (and thanks to job in a preschool), I have liked a few Facebook pages on teaching 2 and 3 year olds and various projects pop up and I just HAD to have a go at these.

First, planting a seed in a CD case.

This way you'll be able to see what goes on below the soil.

I used a sunflower seed and only planted it Thursday afternoon and found it had germinated this morning Saturday!

Second, a grass head. I followed the video tutorial on the link.

I managed to find an old stocking to use and fortunately we had some grass seed already.

I used a pint glass to put the stocking over to pour in the seed followed by the soil.

You really need to squish the soil down and soon the glass became too narrow. 

When you get to the required size you tie a knot in the stocking making sure you leave a long end which is used as the watering mechanism.

I pulled out the nose and secured it with an elastic band and glued the googly eyes and mouth on.

I covered an old mayonnaise jar with paper to finish off. I even found a tie in my craft stash.


Helen said...

looks like you're having fun with these!

TheChrisGregory said...

Brilliant Bill!

TheChrisGregory said...

Brilliant Bill!