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Monday, 11 April 2016

Chrits Mass

I'd forgotten to show this page for last week's WOYWW despite having made it before then. It had even been hanging on my picture frame since and I STILL didn't notice the spelling boo boo.

I posted the page on my craft group and one member kindly asked me if the spelling was done on purpose!!!

Errrr NO!

Spent a fare while rectifying the mistake.
I had to prise the two letters off which wasn't easy as I had stuck them on with wet glue!

It took loads of gentle scraping with my fingernails and I was glad the backing paper was slightly speckled with whiter anyways.

Then I had to find the same paper to cut two new letters out of which ended up being a search of my recycling box!

It was an accident waiting to happen as is the case when dealing with individual letters.

Never mind, glad it was spotted! Thanks Karen!

As for the photos - the Tiffany lamp was from my Mother for Christmas, we'd always wanted one, love it. The lit up house was spotted by a badminton friend and we were stunned when we found it.


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Bernice said...

Ha ha - it's funny how someone else can always spot our mistakes before we do! By the way SU do a great adhesive remover 'eraser' type thing that works a treat when you need to remove glue - I'd be lost without mine ;-)