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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Driving Lessons

Yep - my son turned 17yrs a few days ago and the custom in this family is to get behind the wheel and grow your driving legs.

It was a Sunday when I turned 17yrs myself and, was the custom in those days, there were no lessons on a Sunday, let alone any shops open.
How the world has changed.

Well he had his first "proper" lesson in a Ford Fiesta. His instructor said it was OK for me to take a photo of him next to the car as it was free advertising for him, indeed!

I have taken him out for half an hour or so each day since his first lesson. I took him to the road his instructor had started him on the first day, a few stalls but not bad.

Day two we took full advantage of our local supermarket being closed on Christmas Day so we went there despite the rain. It was nearly empty, save a few people recycling, practicing handbrake turns in the wet and a motorcyclist with cones to practice his maneuvering.

He's getting better each day, although he doesn't see it himself, excellent!

Obviously you had to wear your Santa hat for driving on Christmas Day didn't you?

And we've got all the books too. I did an advanced driving course back in the 90's hence the Police driver's manual!!


Karen Gist said...

Helloooooo!!!! You must have nerves of steel to take a learner out!!! I went out with my daughter only the once and she terrified me hahaha!!!!! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and 2016 is all you hope it will be xxx

Nan G said...

Good luck to the new driver. I've added your new blog to my bloglovin list. Have a wonderful day! Hugs

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I remember my grandfather taking me driving on back roads that were mostly dirt or mud with big ruts in them. Next it was around the baseball diamond which was also dirt. It was SO much easier once I was allowed to drive on pavement.

I'd love to take an advanced driving course. I've always wanted to go to that school that teaches you to drive like a stunt person.

I really enjoyed the photos of the driving lessons, but have to admit that your son looks very young in that first photo.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I forgot to mention that EVERYONE (freshmen in high school) was required to take Driver's Ed once a week for a semester during Phys Ed time. Depending on our birthdays, we either took it the first or second semester. I got to take mine during the first (autumn) semester since I was born in the first six months of the year. At the end of the semester, we took both our driving and written tests. If we were successful, we were issued a student license, which lasted until our 17th birthday, at which time we got a permanent license. We got the student licenses because we lived in a state that was primarily agricultural, and "farm kids" needed to drive grain trucks to town during harvest and perform other driving farm chores.

Cass said...

He doesn't look old enough to be driving, bless him. Like the new blog, looking forward to dropping by. Thanks for my lovely star bj!