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Monday, 28 December 2015

11th Scrapbook Album Full!

I have been scrapbooking all our day to day photos since 2005 although the photos go back to December 2003 when I first got my digital camera. All previous photos are in the ordinary sticky back albums and go back to my teens when I first unscrambled the cardboard box of my parent's photos and put some order into things.

My albums are 12"x12" and I add refills so there are 30 pockets therefore 60 pages in each. I have just filled my 11th Album! So 660 pages in all! I do have various other albums on the go too but that's another story.

Here are the final 3 pages for this album.

First a double layout of my husband's momentous 100 mile (apparently 180km in total including getting from the car park to the start and vice versa) Ride London bike ride in a work place team with 4 other riders who did, 75 miles or 50 miles or 25 miles each.

Lastly to close my album some knitting I did this year. I made the plane for a friend's son and the cake for my husband as it is his favourite, "Daddy Cake" I hate it!

I had started the album back in October 2014 with the crochet lessons I gave, so a fitting end.

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Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Congratulations to your husband. I used to date a guy who biked across Kansas one summer. It was a one week event that was covered by the media, who rode in trucks and picked up dead bikes (not bikers, thankfully).

You came full circle on that latest completed album with the crochet and knitting. It was fun to see these pages, and I really believe the one of your husband deserves some kind of award itself!