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Thursday, 20 April 2017

ROWAN - Yarn Test

There are quite stringent rules for making an Octopus for a preemie, the type of yarn being one of them.

They have an approved list of yarns but my Rowan cottons aren't on there so I have done a test wash at 60C but am unable to test in a drier as I don't have one!

I have used:-

Rowan Cotton Glace - Orange - 100% Cotton

Rowan Handknit Cotton - Pink - 100% Cotton and

Sirdar Pure Cotton Double Knik - Black - 100% Cotton as a control as this is on the approved list.

I also tested my Coats Polyester Filling.

So I stuffed them in a sock and popped in a 60C wash.

All the yarns were slightly longer when wet (above) but returned to original length after drying (left)

Hoping they get approved as I have quite a supply from my Mother as she used to have a wool shop and has quite a store of yarns left over still.

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