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Saturday, 21 January 2017


I have always loved to dance, it's like singing with your body.

I started Ballet classes around 4yrs and continued until about 14yrs.

I got my first and only tutu in April 1970 when I was just 6yrs, it still fitted me the following year although you can see my hair had grown somewhat.

I not only did Ballet, but also Tap, Modern, National and Greek dancing. I was often on stage in competition or productions. I remember being in Thumberlina and Snow White. I was a bunny in the latter (thankfully no photo!!). This was all when I lived in South Devon in the early 70's.

I have 4 certificates to show my achievements. I won a medal and distinction for my Bretagne Duet with Julia Creber and also a distinction for our "Busy Doing Nothing" duet with Amanda Rundle in the same year 1971.


I auditioned for the Royal Ballet School and got to the last section but didn't get a place.

I got up to Pre-elementary in my Ballet Exams and was just into Pointe Ballet Shoes when we moved house/area and I gave up.

I gave my pointe shoes away to a friend's sister, something I now regret.

However I found a keyring shoe in a dance shop the other day. It is made the same way as a real shoe and I love it.

I remember Ballet with fondness and still love to dance and find I now live just up the road from the birthplace of Dame Margot Fonteyn.

In my late 20's/early 30's I did Ballroom and Latin dancing at Peggy Spencer's Dance Centre in Penge and recently I have taken up Line Dancing.

I'd love to do more Ballroom/Latin but lacking a dancing partner is a big consideration....one day........


kokoclowie said...

What lovely pictures & memories BJ. Don't let the lack of a partner stop you going to dance classes. I went for a while when DH was on shift work and got partnered with a retired fireman! I gave up after a while as he turned out to be a right know-it-all, and would insist I was doing it wrong ... when I wasn't! Lol xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I have never had a desire to ballet, but I love to dance. I am like you and have no partner. But I simply adore your accomplishments. They are quite impressive. So is that ballet slipper key ring.