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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

WOYWW #391 - Wheel Trims

OK so my desk still hasn't seen any action since last week and trying not to bore too much I have substituted Workdesk with Wheel Trims!

I have steel wheels on my car, which I bought nearly new 9 yrs ago. The wheel trims were stolen a few years back so we replaced with some generic Halfords ones. These have become a tad tatty over the years plus my son had a run in with the curb when he was learning to drive so we decided to replace them after he passed his test.

So here are my wheel trims:-

Steel with slight dent, and Original Trims, all four were stolen overnight from right outside our house! Original trims cost in the region of £30 for ONE!

First replacement (apparently a pain to clean?) and new replacements,
Richmond - £20 for a 4 pack!
Funny how the replacements try to look like alloy wheels but the original ones didn't.

I learnt my lesson with trim thieves and have my trims secured with cable ties.

So there we have it, What's on your Wheel Trim Wednesday! (WOYWW)

PS Zsuzsu if you see this please get in touch with me by my email as I can't reply to any of your posts without signing up to Google + and I would so like to reply to your comments.


Shaz Brooks said...

Hi BJ, wheel trims looking good. It's awful what people will do, isn't it? Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz xx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Gee, what sort of a person steals those things! Look like you've found a good solution! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #22

Sue said...

BJ, I expect if someone really wanted then new trims they'd have a knife to cut the table ties, but atleast they aren't to expensive to replace, unlike the originals.

Sue #18

Helen said...

you can't believe the cheek of some people, can you - from right outside the house! outrageous. thanks for visiting earlier. Helen #1

Sharon Koole said...

Hope these ones last!

Sharon K #33

April Story said...

So sad that you have to lock down your trims. Happy crafting.
April #30

AliWade said...

Happy Belated WOYWW. At least you don't have a husband that wants new wheels for his campervan that cost over £500 for a set! It is a shame that there doesn't seem to be much that isn't at risk of being stolen. We are relatively safe in Pembrokeshire though. Ali x #29

Ginny Maxam said...

Wheels being stolen is very common here in my US city! Have a great safe and wheel worthy weekend! Ginny #45

Diana Taylor said...

How mean some people can be. Living in the New Forest we see loads of them lying by the side of the road usually a few yards either side of the cattle grids! I think the vibrations loosen them. I've often wondered what I could do with them art-wise as it seems a shame to see them just lying there but I've had no ideas so far!
Hope you have a good week,
Diana #20 x

Morti said...

That's a very clean, quiet and calm desk space...

Wheel trims - bane of my life.... :-O

Morti @35