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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

WOYWW #383 - It Gets No better!

Oh dear, it doesn't get much better at my craft table.

I think the light is on but nobody's home!

I did stick down last week's pending pages and get out the next set of photos. I'm getting a tad sick of bike photos so might have to stop getting all those printed!
It's no good if you don't have any inclination let alone inspiration.

Life's little traumas still haunt me.

Last week I pulled something in my back on Thursday so couldn't work nor run my badminton club. Nor could I drive my car to the garage on Friday to get the oil leak sorted.
My back was a whole lot better by Sunday though.

Therefore today my car was taken away on a lorry to be fixed. It's had a small oil leak for a while which I only noticed a fortnight ago. My local garage (where I had it serviced and MOTed said they couldn't find anything and to keep an eye on it) not amused! And when the battery died the other week I asked the RAC man his advice and he gave me a couple of cards for other RAC approved garages as he said he could clearly see it was still leaking.

So I am carless and will have to take the bus to work tomorrow!

Happy WOYWW Everyone


Shaz Brooks said...

Hi BJ, hoe your back is feeling better. Some garages can be a nightmare, can't they? Especially with women drivers. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #4 xx

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Oh no! To the back and the car. Hope both are back in full working order very soon. I'm so grateful to be married to a mechanic.

Fiona #9

Morti said...

Oh dear - not great news all round really! Hope you feel better soon, and the car is back on your drive sans leak!

Love the pages...

Thanks for stopping by this week

Morti #19

Sandy Leigh said...

Love those cute owls on your desk! Hope you are feeling better. Happy Wednesday...Sandy Leigh #40

StampinCarol said...

Glad your back is doing better. Your table looks interesting, nice pages! And hope your car either gets fixed properly! Thanks for the visit and happoy WOYWW!
Carol N #32

Annie said...

Thanks for calling by at mine earlier.
Sorry to hear you've been having problems this week. Really hoping the garage fixes your car and you back problem goes away and stays away for you.
Hope you have a great week.
Annie x #11

Felicia Aaron said...

Ohhhhh BJ, what in the world!! I believe I would have had a go at the guys at your local garage who claimed they saw no leak! Maybe they should pay your tow bill!!! LOLOL I'm glad your back is better, but hate you had to take the bus! What a mess! I hope it all gets sorted soon! THanks for stopping by my blog earlier! Blessings to you

Anne L said...

Hello BJ. Sorry to hear about your stream of luck lately and do hope your back is feeling 100% soon. Yes I do agree with cars as we have had my DH truck in the shop every month for almost over a year and it is always something but it is the company work truck. Never exactly fun taking the bus anywhere as the time to get there and back seems to make the day even longer. Love the LO you made and hope you get inspired to finish the rest of your pictures but I shouldn't talk lol I am still working on so many different projects or should I say started them just have to complete them but there is so many new things I just want to start. Have a fantastic week and thanks for visiting me earlier. Hugs ~Anne L#8

Sue said...

Hi BJ, Hope you get your car back soon and all sorted.

Totally sympathise with the back. Glad it has improved, but you be careful.

Hope you get more crafting time.

Glad you got to meet up with blogging friends.

You got some fab stash. You'll enjoy playing with it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Sue #13

Bubbles said...

I LOVE taking the bus - half an hour of people-watching, and trying to peek into other people's homes as I pass by. I can't wait to start taking the bus when it's closer to Christmas - looking at all the twinkling lights on in the windows :)
Your desk is so organised - I'm a tad jealous lol

okienurse said...

sorry to hear about your back…not a fun deal. Glad it is better today. My desk is always a clutter but I don't do well if I have too much space…haha…actually trying to get over the OCD of having everything right at my finger tips. Thanks for visiting my desk earlier and leaving a great comment. Vickie #1

Diana Taylor said...

Gosh, you've had a week of it haven't you - I hope all is better with your back and the car is soon fixed and then you can get stuck into being creative again! Here's to a better week than last week -
Diana x #21

pearshapedcrafting said...

Love your tidy space! Hope you car is fixed soon! Thanks for visiting! Chris 28

sandra de said...

Hi BJ, sounds like you are having a tough time lately hope the car is on the road soon. Loving the LO
sandra de @12

Angela Radford said...

Hope the back is lots better and your car too. Bet you wont be using that garage again! Thanks for the visit to mine, have a lovely woyww and a happy crafty week, Angela x 14

Sharon Koole said...

Sounds like it's been quite the week! Hope your back is on the mend - that can be really painful. Hopefully you'll get the car sorted too and things will get back to 'normal'.

Sharon K #46

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Oh, poor you...not having a car is such a pain. I do hope the garage manages to sort it out (without too high a cost either!). I'm glad your back is better too, that's no fun either.
But your opening line about the lights being on etc made me hoot!!
Hugs, LLJ 10 xx

Neet said...

Oh dear, you sound proper fed up! Such a nuisance when you are car-less and having to take public transport.
Recommend you have a couple of days break to get that back into working order and then join in a challenge or something to give you a kick start. Worth trying!
Hugs, Neet 6 xx

RosA said...

Hope your back is much improved and that your car is soon returned. I don't mind catching the bus sometimes when I know the parking is going to be bad.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your back is better again and I hope you have your car returned soon. Living without a car when you're used to having one is pretty annoying.
Love your scrapbook page!

CraftyHope said...

Life is a constant cycle of ups and downs. I hate that you've got the downs right now, but rest assured that it will spike back up soon. I'm glad your back is starting to feel better and hope it continues to improve. As well, here's wishing you all the best that the car issues get sorted and even BIGGER wishes that your inspiration returns! Hugs in the meantime!
Hope #36

Marit said...

I hope you have your car back by now and that this week will be a good (at least: better!) one than last week. I am very late with my visit (it's almost Wednesday again, eeck!) Love from Holland, Marit #20

LisaDV said...

Garages, Doctors, and Dentists - I find them all to be a pain to find a good one. Hope this garage sorts out the issues of your car, so you won't be taking the bus for long. So glad your back is feeling better, but sorry you had to cancel so many things. A pulled back is horrible. I can't recommend Arnica gel enough for pulled muscles, bruises, arthritis. It's a miracle gel. Thanks for visiting me. Hugs, LisaDV#34